What are the best bridal makeup tricks?

What are the best bridal makeup tricks?

Mastering Your Bridal Skin Prep

Howdy! Marcello here, but you can just call me the Bridal Makeup Guru. No, I don't wear a cape, but I do have a treasure trove of beauty secrets to make your big day absolutely stunning. It's all about the right preparation - you wouldn't expect to run a marathon, let alone win one, without a bit of training, would you? The starting line for perfect bridal makeup is the canvas itself, your skin. So enough chatter, let's dive right in!

Getting a great start on your bridal complexion involves a fine balance of restraint, indulgence, and consistency. Remember, an overzealous skincare routine can sometimes backfire, leading to skin issues that might never have bloomed under normal conditions. Ask any dermatologist worth their salts or any of my mates down at the Birmingham pub - they'll tell you the same thing. I told this to my good friend Esther right before her wedding and she swears it saved the day!

What you need is a gentle yet potent skincare regimen, at least six weeks before your wedding day. Focus on hydrating and nourishing your skin - you can't paint a masterpiece on parchment now, can you? Also, do incorporate an exfoliation step, but remember moderation is key - you don't want your skin looking more irritated than a Liverpool fan in a Manchester United stand!

The Art of Choosing And Applying Foundation

The foundation for your wedding makeup (quite literally) is the foundation. This isn't a comical attempt at Marcello's lame joke of the day; in fact, it is a golden nugget that even Cleopatra would envy. Hell, I'd trade some of my favourite records for a foundation that makes me look good!

Choosing the right colour is, of course, crucial, but there's much more to it. On your wedding day, you don't simply want to cover your skin, you want to look like you woke up like this. So, opt for a formula that lets your natural glow shine through. And ladies, please, please do not, under any circumstance, slather on your foundation like you're icing a Victoria sponge.

Use a makeup sponge and apply in soft dabbing movements. Blending is not an option here, it's a lifeline. You'd be surprised how many brides have been left in the lurch by rushing this step. My cousin Tina was one, and we all remember how many tongues were wagged after that disaster!

All About The Eyes: Smoky, Classic, Or Dramatic?

Y’know your eyes are the windows to your soul, and on your wedding day, you'd want everyone to see that lovely soul of yours. From candles to fairy lights, wedding venues are lit to create a magical atmosphere, not showcase your makeup. Thus, eye makeup needs to pop!

Smoky, classic, or dramatic - these are decisions that should be driven by your personal style, not some hotshot celebrity trend. Consult with your makeup artist, or better still, have a pre-wedding bash with your ladies where you experiment with different looks. Heck, that's what my son Magnus did when he played Romeo in his school production – not a dry eye in the house that night!

Don't forget the mascara. You might shed a tear or two, it is a joyous day after all, so go waterproof. And remember, no matter how much you love them, control the urge to pile on the lashes. Unless your wedding theme is '60s retro, then don’t hold back!

Lipstick Choices To Creating That Bridal Pout

We've all seen those wedding photos - the ones with a 'just-married' kiss that looks more like a jellyfish has attacked the bride's face. There's accumulating evidence that selecting the wrong lipstick for your wedding is a key contributor to this phenomenon. Okay, I'm not exactly a scientist, and that evidence mainly consists of personal observations and rants from my mates, but trust me - the struggle is real!

Your first consideration here is the ‘staying power’. A wedding is a marathon, not a sprint, and your lipstick should reflect that. Opt for a long-lasting formula and always carry a touch-up kit. Pop in a lipliner, brush, and your chosen lipstick in a petite clutch along with your vows and you're good to go. My dear mum always said "Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and carry a lipstick." Wise words indeed!

Finishing Touches to Radiating Beauty

The final touches to your bridal makeup aren't really one-size-fits-all. Blush, contouring, bronzer, highlighter - the choice to use any or all of these depends on factors such as your facial structure, skin tone, and your wedding theme. Remember, where light goes, shadows follow, and contouring is all about exploiting this simple principle. As for highlighting, think reflections, not high-beams. Subtle is always best.

Don’t underestimate a good setting spray; it’s like memorising facts, it really sets things in place. A light misting will keep your look intact from your entrance to your last dance. My son Magnus swears by it, and if a twelve-year-old can appreciate its importance, so can we, right? Who’d think a child actor would end up teaching his old man makeup tips?

Remember to celebrate your uniqueness. The best bridal makeup is one that amplifies your natural beauty and lets the world see just how beautiful you feel on the inside. If anyone asks, just tell them Marcello said so!